5 Things One Needs to Ponder Over When Considering the Influence Social Has on Las Vegas SEO

Would you say that Google considers links that were published on various social accounts to have any credibility? What is more, once a blog goes viral on sites like Twitter, do these new links boost the search ranking of this post? What do top Las Vegas SEO experts think?

Several internet marketers believe that links to your site via multiple social media accounts can have a significant impact on how well you rank on the search engines. They reckon that links are achieved by developing unique content that gets shared across all sorts of social media. What comes to mind over here is content on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as these help the major search engines develop an understanding of which websites are credible enough to rank for a particular keyword phrase or term.

While having an authority on a social media account do not have much of an impact on your search rank, links that are published over here could be regarded as credible enough to influence one’s page rank.

How Well Do Social Media Profiles Rank?

Even though your social shares are said not to have much of an influence on how well your web page is positioned in the search listings, the social media profile you present does influence the content of your given search results. Experts in SEO Las Vegas reckon that social media profiles are often seen to be amongst the top results of a particular search listing. Somehow they feel more personal than web pages and an excellent way to obtain a feel of a company’s personality.

No doubt your social profiles to matter to Google. Therefore, having a couple of active social channels can make a user’s experience of getting to know your company online so much fun as it proves to be far more engaging and personal than a static web page.

Social Media Search Engine Channels

These days, people do not just visit Bing or Google if they want information, but they also utilize social media channels. We need to know that search engine optimization in Las Vegas includes the search that takes place on social media search engines too.

It works like this – while you are active on Twitter, it’s possible that someone may discover your company’s latest invention after searching for content marketing related tweets using the Twitter search engine. In the same way, businesses brand themselves through sites like Pinterest as well as Instagram through using hashtags and categorizing their pins.

Impressive Stats to Highlight Just How Much People Uses Social Media When Doing a Search

  • Did you know that Twitter alone handled just over 19 billion searches during 2010, which is more than five times that of Bing?
  • Facebook achieved an astounding one billion searches a day during 2012.
  • YouTube got over 3.7 billion search queries as of March 2010. Then again, more than a 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, which makes it one of the largest content repositories.
  • It is clear that companies should expand their viewpoint of an SEO agency and include social search engines as much as they do traditional search engines.

Would You Say that Social Signals Will Have an Impact on Search Rankings in the Future?

Given that link building techniques such as guest blogging are now a less reliable method to indicate the quality of a web page, it makes logical sense for search engines to start looking for other authority signals that also offer tremendous value.

Smart brands would do themselves a favor in continuing to build their authority within prominent social channels and also consider social reach when designing their SEO Las Vegas strategy.

Do Not Discount Bing as a Search Engine

While we are on the subject of strong social signals, were you aware that Bing looks at the authority of a social user as they look how many people follow you and the ones that you follow in turn. All of this would add more weight to a listing than regular search results.

Bing as the second most used search engine should not be discounted in any way. Besides, they are crystal clear about how their algorithms incorporate social signals into their search results. Unlike Google, they haven’t been evasive regarding social media’s impact on SEO.

At the end of the day, the worldwide web is about fostering relationships, expressing yourself, and the sharing of useful information. In a big way, it is a social experience like no other. It makes sense to utilize the services of an SEO expert like Moving Mountains Advisors to assist you in boosting your social authority.

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