Are Modern Ceiling Fans Out of Style?

Would you regard a modern ceiling fan to be out of style? The answer depends on the individual. Some folks are in love with ceiling fans and favor the idea of having one in practically every room of their house. Others are starting to move away from using ceiling fans so they can change the look of things and create a different appearance for their office or home.

To better answer the question, you need to consider specific factors that are not related to style.

For instance, ceiling fans are in place to do one thing, cooling off your home. They do a better job at this than most other fans. It is one of the most important issues one should pay attention to when you decide to change to a fan.

Why Modern Ceiling Fans Are Popular

When they first became popular, they gained popularity due to:

  1. Efficiently cooling a room
  2. Performing the task of cooling an area without taking up additional space.

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Anyone who ever had to live in a cramped space would appreciate the use of a ceiling fan to save valuable space.

It is much more efficient than just having fan sit on the floor and take up room that can be occupied by another appliance.

Because of a ceiling fan’s efficiency and ability to complement any decor of a home, they became immensely popular.

In many cases, you would see a fan in just about every room.

There is no doubt that fans are quite efficient for keeping one’s home nice and cool while it can be strategically placed throughout the house. Especially in warmer climates.

Many a time, a ceiling fan is used out of necessity in climates that have a lot of humidity. Single air conditioners struggle to keep a place cool without the assistance of a ceiling fan.

Why the Popularity of Fans Took a Dive

Even though cooling fans are immensely popular, they are not all that prominent in household any longer. One of the reasons being that there are different options available these days that weren’t around when ceiling fans made its debut.

You get fans that take up less space and do the same job as a ceiling fan would without the hassle of installation.

Many a time it boils down to aesthetics where a homeowner would prefer a bit more of a minimalistic approach and opt for a different fan that compliments their choice of decor.

Regardless of how design oriented you are, once the temperature rises, you’ll need to beat the heat. However, many designers would blacklist a ceiling fan as noisy, outdated and tacky.

That is no longer the case. In fact, ceiling fans are quieter, sleeker and smarter than ever.

If you are in the market for one and beginning from scratch, then you would love the handy tips provided below to help you pick the best one:

If you are not keen to invest in newer fans, then you can try some smaller cosmetic upgrades to your existing ceiling fan, such as switching out dark blades for lighter ones or getting rid of the light kit.

One designer reckons that the light kit is the culprit that can make a room appear unattractive. Most of the time, these overhead lights are not a pretty sight. Besides, your best bet is recessed lighting that provides sufficient light throughout the room and a simple fan that has no light kit.

As a closing thought, ceiling fans may not be so popular as they used to be, but there is no way they will become obsolete regarding providing a stylish appearance in your home.

Furthermore, they are very effective at cooling down an area while looking good at the same time.

One of the principal reasons modern ceiling fans will remain popular would be that they will carry on to be a stapled feature in most home in the future.

Besides, having the right ceiling fan installed in your home will provide both function and form. Who of you wouldn’t want to add a traditional touch to your decor by making use of modern-day ceiling fan that not only offers ample illumination but serves as an attractive accent?