The Process

For studio photo shoots we will take a sec to discuss what you’re looking for in your pictures, take the pictures and then sit down and go through them so you can pick out the pictures you want.  I’ll then retouch and upload them to a private web page so you are able to download the smaller version for web use and the larger printable file so you can have them to take to a printer.

Contact me with your project to discuss rates.

Model Release Form:
Download here

Why a model release form?  For models, being published is a good thing and if contacted by a publication that may want to print your image, I need permission from you to allow it.  It also protects me as a photographer that the images we take are done so by our own free will and that you give me permission to photograph you.

Why do pictures cost what they do?

You’re not just buying pictures.  You’re buying the experience, a Photographers time, their expensive camera, lens and lighting equipment to make a great image and it makes a difference.  As a Photographer, the money we make goes to maintaining and purchasing new equipment to keep providing a service doing what we love to do.

If I haven’t answered your concerns here, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to seeing you through my lens.