How to Make the Most of Family Friendly Grants Pass Lodgings

Aren’t you hoping for a family-friendly Lodging in Grants Pass where you and your loved ones can stay over before visiting some of the best nearby attractions this year? We are sure you do

Have you been to Oregon Caves National Monument already that is not too far off from one of the popular Grants Pass Lodging, the much talked about Redwood Motel? Somehow, it has been termed as the “Wondrous Marble Halls of Oregon.” Over here, you can look forward to family-focused opportunities where you get to explore the marvelous marble like caves, make your way through the ancient forests, and even get a chance to earn yourself a fabulous Junior Ranger Badge.

But, wait! There is so much more. Once you are on the busy interstate on your way to the Redwood Hyperion Suites, it might not be that apparent to you that Grants Pass itself is regarded a gateway town. Soon, you’ll discover plenty of pleasant days that may involve a play on the rambling Rogue River, experiencing pleasurable wine-tasting tours, romantic picnics and a whole wild world of cultural charms that were previously unheard of.

Before you know it you the Hellgate Jetboat Excursions guides will have you rattling your way about the turbulent waters and experience the wondrous glory that only this place can offer you.

Besides, Grants Pass is home to a population of just over 35,000 caring individuals, and it is still growing. For the most part, the area is fueled by the fantastic availability of countless outdoor activities. What is more, the prime location, namely the tremendous Rogue River is in proximity to the Interstate 5 (I-5) highway.

The best part of staying over at one of the prominent Grants Pass Lodgings, the Redwood Motel is the mere fact that your accommodation is within easy driving distance to a wide selection of sought after, recreational activities such as:

  • Hiking and biking
  • Rafting the Rogue River and horseback riding out in the country
  • Paddling and fishing at various spots along the Salmon, Klamath and Rogue River.
  • Swimming and floating
  • Camping and spelunking

One of the first activities a new visitor to the area would engage in would be navigating a scenic stretch of the Rogue River. Depending on how adventurous you are there are numerous packages you can make your selection from at excursion companies like Orange Torpedo Trips. Whitewater rafting has and will always be a traditional option favored by most visitors.

Then again, the jet boat tours at Hellgate also has plenty to offer for both the inexperienced and the more advanced canoer or kayaker who cannot wait to get their paddles wet.

Grants Pass is only 70 miles to the South of Roseburg when you travel on the I-5 and 31 miles to the North West of Medford. If you go Southwest, then you will come across the fabulous Oregon Caves National Monument we mentioned at the start.

Did you know that Grant Pass near Redwood Motel offers up to 32 different types of family activities, which include parks, hiking trails, theaters, and movie theaters? It is fascinating, isn’t it?

We mentioned Hellgate JetBoat Excursions before, but it sure deserves another mention over here. It is the kind of activity that is not for the faint-hearted due to the endless adventure the speedboat tours bring you. Local tour operators are sure to excite you by offering you a variety of guided jet boat rides on board the Rogue River all around Hellgate Canyon. What more can you possibly want for yourself as a respectful tourist who decided to pay a visit to the Grants Pass area?

Another significant activity that scores bonus points among many a traveler is Riverside Park that happens to be a local waterfront park that overlooks the Rogue River. Over here you can look forward to a broad range of amenities to include playgrounds galore, sports fields, a rose garden, and picnic areas.

Sports enthusiast will love what Reinhard Volunteer Park has to offer them regarding a super relaxing recreational area that is also located along the Rogue River. Over here you can enjoy softball, baseball, set out on a jogging trail, engage in a competitive tennis match and try your luck on the horseshoe pits.

All these activities are yours to enjoy when you stay over at the fabulous Redwood Motel in Grants