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It is a significant life choice to decide to enter a drug rehab program for treatment.

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The treatments are often intense, and the individuals who commit to such programs need to demonstrate seriousness in their ordeal to deal with their addiction to substances.

Drug Rehabilitation

You can be admitted the same day once the evaluation shows that your particular circumstances warrant this and the program makes provision for this (In that there is enough space and resources to accommodate the individual).

In various cases, same day admittance is critical, and individuals need to be admitted without fail once the met the admission criteria.

Once a rehab program has the necessary space and resources to allow an individual to be admitted, the next thing they would consider is the willingness of the individual to show a need and desire to get themselves into drug rehabilitation.

Special circumstances showing that same day admittance is an immediate emergency would include:

  • Someone suffered from an overdose
  • Other urgent medical emergencies connected with the individual’s substance abuse took place.
  • Those who demonstrate an acute as well as a potentially severe mental health issue, like a psychosis due to abusing drugs, or when someone suffers from co-occurring mental health issues, they need to admit the same day once evaluated. Anyone showing suicidal tendencies would not be accepted right away, but they would be sent to a formal psychiatric unit once the met the requirements. Any treatment for substance abuse would occur on that unit.
  • In some instances once individuals who have a history of chronic addictive behaviors came to a conclusion they need help, then the personnel of a given drug rehab center in San Clemente or elsewhere may decide to have this person admitted. In some instances, a family would have convinced a person to seek help, and they would petition for urgent admission to the program.

The Admission Process

There are three basic stages to an inpatient rehabilitation program admission. Even during a possible same day admission, the individual would have to complete the following process:

  • Initial evaluation: The very first component of the admission process is to evaluate the individual. Intake personnel or supervisors conduct the assessments. However, during cases of a rushed admission, one of the nurses, therapists, or other trained staff may carry out this task. The intake would entail evaluating the current intoxication status of the person. Whether they are currently undergoing withdrawal symptoms. The trained staff member would gather info concerning the individual’s family, any social contacts, physical health, current situation, substance use history, and mental health.
  • Stabilize the person: When the intake assessment has been completed, the individual’s immediate needs would be seen to, such as treating their current intoxication of alcohol or drugs, even starting a program of withdrawal management if need be, and tackling any acute problems that require immediate attention.
  • Preparing for recovery: Once their needs have been addressed, the person would be placed in the appropriate program. Many would have to undergo a medical detox that is assisted by a physician. Once done, those who administer treatment would implement a plan to handle issues that sparked off the individual’s addictive behavior and prepare the person to get involved in ongoing treatment, such as support group participation, therapy, and reentering the community.
  • The stabilization and evaluation process may need to be completed relatively quickly should an individual have an acute issue that requires immediate attention. Both these components to do with admission will help define the level of care a San Clemente drug rehab facility will offer a client. It is essential for someone who wishes to enter an inpatient substance use disorder rehab program to have an understanding of their rights concerning the treatment they are about to receive.

Rights of the Patient

Anybody who is admitted to a drug addiction treatment program has the right to participate in the level of care entirely they are about to receive and to make a decision about the kind of attention they will get should they be capable of understanding such issues and make their own choices.

In no way should the treatment program interfere with the individual’s freedom to actively participate in their life or their civil rights unless they agree to be subjected to restricted treatments.

In cases where someone cannot make an informed decision on their own, they are within their right to be represented by an attorney or relative who may act on their behalf.




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